New Years in Panama City and Medellin Clone plan

Schedule Participants Destination Themes
Dec 27 2015
6 nights
2 persons Panama
Medellin, Antioquia
Schedule Participants
Dec 27 2015
6 nights
2 persons
Destination Themes
Medellin, Antioquia

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New Years in Panama City and Medellin

Dec 27 2015 - Jan 2 2016

Take in both central and south America on this New Years trip to Panama City and Medellin, Colombia. You'll explore historical, culinary, natural and nightlife adventures, but be sure to call ahead on many of these options, as the NY season in Medellin, especially, can be very quiet and many things are closed for the holidays.

Starting at $2000 per person

Clone plan

Day 1

Sunday, Dec. 27


Get to the airport by 5pm or so to catch your 6:45pm flight out of San Diego Airport. You have a layover in LA, then off to Panama.

Day 6

Friday, Jan. 01


If you can stand getting out of bed today, take a tour around Medellin that tells the story of its most famous inhabitant, Pablo Escobar. Then enjoy some American-inspired grub at Humo BBQ house. Get to sleep EARLY, because your flight takes off b...

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Day 7

Saturday, Jan. 02


Youll want to have the concierge schedule you a 3:30 am taxi out to the aiport, because your flight back to Panama City takes off at 5am! Once you switch planes, you can enjoy a sleepy flight back to the US. Happy New Year!

Starting at $2000 per person

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