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El Atelier


Calle 15 No. 278 e/ Je I, Vedado, Havana 10400, Cuba

Via CubaAbsolutely:

Calling Atelier contemporary is like calling Havana a little rundown: true, but enough of an understatement as to miss the point. The large main room is decorated with sparse modern lines, inside a typically idiosyncratic Vedado mansion. Two balconies have boundless cushions for the outdoor lounge. An antique hob outside, old sewing and adding machines inside make the place retro yet not old.

Atelier is run by Niuris Higueras who has a passion for creating food, which has been nurtured over many years. She is the driving force—modest, capable, and warm. She defines the style of the food as signature cuisine, an experimental culinary workshop. The food changes every day, every week, hence those handwritten menus. While Niuris is the real inspiration, Enrique is the experienced chef in the kitchen and they create dishes together. Eclectic, everything from Falafels, Pato confitado [candied duck], Lomito de res con camarones y Espuma de apio al olivo [sirloin steak with shrimp and celery mousse], Conejo al vino [rabbit in wine] to Cerdo asado (roast pork). Desserts are standard (flan, tarts, ice cream) but good.

The food is consistently excellent, if a little unpredictable. The same can be said for the service. Niuris and her brothers simply get it; they understand what a demanding clientele want and they strive to deliver it with a passionate commitment. Many years catering large parties have given sensitivity and empathy. This location is ideally suited for large groups who want something different, something smart, and something authentic


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