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2 hours

8−7−6 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan

We chose Kyubey one of the most famous sushi establishments in Tokyo. Kyubey’s owner, Yousuke Imada, and a select team of chefs demonstrated their sushi skills at Japan: Flavors of Culture, a conference organized by the Culinary Institute of America and we wanted to savour Kyubey's sushi before the conference. Every sushi devotee has strong opinions about their favorite sushiya, but for elegance, service and tradition, not to mention the incredible skill of the chefs, Kyubey would be very hard to beat. The Michelin guide and the concierge at our hotel also confirmed our choice. Like all great sushiya, Kyubey only uses Japanese fish for their neta (toppings), which the change with the seasons, are impeccably fresh and expertly sliced.


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