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Phuoc Kien Nghia Tu Pagoda


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341, Lac Long Quan Street, Ward 5, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This pagoda was dedicated to Buddha. Over the course of time, it was damaged. In 1759, the owners had to sell it to the rich Phuoc Kien traders from China who came to Hoi An, so that it could be restored.

After the restoration, the pagoda was renamed "Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall" and was dedicated to the worship of Buddha, gods and former times'sages. The pagoda is also a place of gathering the natives of Phuoc Kien.

The Assembly Hall stretches from Tran Phu Street to Phan Chu Trinh Street. The tree-entrance gate is a structure composed of seven-roof layers covered with blue enamel tube-tiles. These roofs with gently cuved corners overlap each other. A board with three Chinese characters "Kim Son Tu" is hung at the front hall. Inside the hall, there are two big embossments. The one of the left descrobes the scene of Thien Hau Holy Mother saving a boat which was sinking into the sea. The one on the right represents the scene of six generals riding horses and leading to fight the Qing in order to restore the Ming Dynasty movement. After these six gerals were defeated, their offspring hat to flee to Hoi An.

The main hall is dedicated to the statue of Avalokitesvara sitting in meditation in a glass cage. A big incense burner is placed at the front of the statue. On the left of the incense table is the statue of the God of Thien Ly Nhan (thousand-mile vision) and the right is the God of Thuong Phong Nhi (thousand-mile hearing). These are masterpieces of the skilled workers of Kim Bong village. These gods are believed to have assisted Thien Hau Holy Mother in saving victims on the sea.

The rear of the main hall is dedicated to the worship of Thien Hau Holy Mother. Her statue seats in meditation. On the left, there is a model of a 1875 sailing boat. Behind the main hall is the back sanctuary. At the front is a small lake for raising ornamental fish. A big dragon whose head is grafted wuth turquoise enamel porcelain and colorful glass pieces twists aroung the lake. The head looks very lively and beautiful. A unicorn embossed on the wall, at the back of the hall, is depicted playing with a dragon above the lake, to form the scene of "dancing dragon and unicorn".

A place at the center of the back sanctuary is dedicated to six general of the Ming Dynasty who came from Phuoc Kien Province. Two sides of the back santuary are dedicaed to Chinese popular gods. The left altar is dedicated to the three Sanh Thai goddesses (Kim Hoa Nuong Nuong, Sanh Thai Nhi Chua, Sanh Thai Thap Nhi Tien Nuong) and 12 midwives. The right one is dedicated to the Gof of Wealth. As for the back sanctuary, it is dedicated to people who donated their wealth to build the pagoda. The Assembly Hall houses a lot of statues, bronze drums, bronze bells, big incense burner, 14 horinzontal laquered boards and other valuable artefacts.

Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall is religious relic. It is the biggest assembly hall and it displays rich architectural and artistic features.


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